JSFM seminar JCVIM

Date and time February 21, 2015, Saturday, 11:15 to 12:00
Details of lectures
“Is it common for cats to throw up!? - Report on the annual AAFP meeting New information on feline medicine -”
  • Chair: Dr. Takuo Ishida (Akasaka Animal Hospital)
  • Dr. Shinichi Namba (Marble Veterinary Medical Center)

An annual meeting of the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) was held on September 18 to 21, 2014 in Indianapolis, in the United States. The meeting provided plenty of the latest findings and useful information on the gastrointestinal and endocrine diseases of cats. This seminar was planned to provide the latest information on feline medicine faster than anywhere else. JSFM President, Dr. Takuo Ishida sent greetings for the establishment of the society.

Fortunately, the meeting was such a great success that the conference venue of 400 seats was full, and some doctors had to listen to lectures standing up. In this meeting, the JSFM President explained the background of JSFM establishment and its action policy for the first time from “Feline Seminar First Meeting” in June 2014 after the establishment of JSFM. We might have not sufficient time to inform you of the details, however we hope you got any useful information for your daily practices from the latest topics in the AAFP meeting.
We will distribute the latest topics useful for clinical practices any time in cooperation with the isfm.

Scenes of the seminar

Scenes of the seminar

Scenes of the seminar

Scenes of the seminar

JSFM organized seminar WJVF [veterinary nurses]

Date and time Sunday, July 13, 13:30-14:40 [veterinary nurses]
“How do you encourage anorexia cats for eating?”
  • - Understand the natures and behaviors of cats with sever diseases,
    Dr. Satoshi Higashiyama (Higashiyama Animal Hospital)
  • - Foods for cats “not wanting to eat” – Practices,
    Dr. Takeshi Kuwahara (Kuwahara Animal Hospital)
  • - Clinical nutrition for sever cats  - message from nutrients -
    Dr. Ayako Kamida (Royal Canin Japon)

Being a compelling issue in usual practices, have you ever faced difficulties about treating anorexia cats or questions from their owners? This seminar was provided by practitioners who were experiencing difficulties in giving food for anorexia cats at their clinics and a nutritional expert, targeting veterinary nurses to give useful and practical tips.

“Hospitalized cats eat none...”
“The cat ower wants to take their cat back home if the cat does not eat tomorrow…”
“Cats may have hepatic lipidosis if we fail to have cats eat food...”
“The prescription food by vets was given to the cat, but the cat ate none...”

Under this circumstance, veterinary nurses may have many concerns and question themselves “Am I acting right?”. This seminar provided ready-to-use techniques and it was very impressive that participants were eager to take notes. We believe that this seminar helps you to consider tips of Cat Friendly care.

JSFM organized seminar JBVP [ veterinarians/veterinary nurses]

Date and time Saturday, September 27, 2014, 12:00-13:10, [veterinarians/veterinary nurses]
How to become “Cat-Friendly Clinic”
  • - Dr. Yuki Hattori (Tokyo Feline Medical Center)

Do you know the fact that cats traffic to vets is much lower than that of dogs? Or do you recognize it? One of the reasons for the low rate cat traffic to vets is that cat owners believe “their cats are stressed at clinics.” So what shall we do “to prevent cats and their owners from hesitating to go to clinics?” This seminar invited Dr. Hattori, the first gold accredited clinic in Japan, explains and gives full essence of “Cat Friendly Clinic” by means of true cat-friendly environment at clinic encouraging cat owners to visit the clinic.