The CFC (Cat Friendly Clinic) programme is an international certification standard established by the International Society of Feline Medicine (isfm). It is becoming increasingly popular around the world as a way of directing people to hospitals and clinics that provide services especially tailored to the needs of cats(note 1).
At a certified CFC, owners can be assured that a specialist Cat Advocate is always on hand to offer feline-specific expertise and an outstanding level of feline care. The certification serves as a signpost guiding people to a specialist Cat Friendly Clinic.

Clinics must satisfy international requirements to obtain CFC certification. We have provided information on some of the standards that clinics must meet in terms of facilities and equipment. Please refer to this information when preparing an application (note 2).

At the moment most of the information is available only in English, but Japanese Society of Feline Medicine (JSFM) is working with isfm to make various information available in Japanese translation to help the CFC concept to become more widely known in Japan.

Note 1)
JSFM is not involved in evaluating applications for CFC certification. All evaluation takes place at isfm headquarters in the United Kingdom. Please complete your application online.
Note 2)
You will need to register as an isfm practice member in order to apply for CFC certification.
Please complete the necessary procedures at this website before applying for certification. Registration requires payment of an annual membership fee. For more details, see the section on How to Apply.