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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 概要

1月号:Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Volume 20 Number 13 January 2018


Use of a custom-made limb-press model to assess intra- and extracapsular techniques for treating cranial cruciate ligament rupture in cats
Wolfgang Kneifel, Danilo Borak, Barbara Bockstahler, Eva Schnabl-Feichter
Pain and adverse behavior in declawed cats
Nicole K Martell-Moran, Mauricio Solano, Hugh GG Townsend
Effect of transmucosal corn syrup application on postoperative blood glucose concentrations in kittens
Heather N Cornell, Stephanie L Shaver, Danielle N Semick, Nancy C Bradley, Rachael E Kreisler
Cross-sectional quantitative RT-PCR study of feline coronavirus viremia and replication in peripheral blood of healthy shelter cats in Southern California
Eric J Fish, Pedro Paulo VP Diniz, Yen-Chen Juan, Frank Bossong, Ellen W Collisson, Yvonne Drechsler, Bernhard Kaltenboeck
Demographics of hip dysplasia in the Maine Coon cat
Randall T Loder, Rory J Todhunter
Clinical topographical anatomy of the gastro-oesophageal junction in the cat
Agni Voutsinou, Lysimachos G Papazoglou, Ioannis Antonopoulos, Timoleon S Rallis
Pharmacokinetic comparison of two buprenorphine formulations after buccal administration in healthy male cats
Brett M Gulledge, Kristen M Messenger, Karen K Cornell, Heather Lindell, Chad W Schmiedt
Comparison of in-clinic point-of-care and reference laboratory total thyroxine immunoassays for diagnosis and post-treatment monitoring of hyperthyroid cats
Mark E Peterson, Mark Rishniw, Graham E Bilbrough, Kate B Cote
Comparison of intramuscular butorphanol and buprenorphine combined with dexmedetomidine for sedation in cats
Rebecca J Bhalla, Toby A Trimble, Elizabeth A Leece, Enzo Vettorato
子猫に対するFelis catusパピローマウイルス2型DNA負荷は一時的であり、感染に対する感受性を反映したものではない
Felis catus papillomavirus type 2 DNA loads on kittens are transient and do not reflect their susceptibility to infection
Neroli A Thomson, David G Thomas, Karin Weidgraaf, John S Munday
Effect of a high phosphorus diet on indicators of renal health in cats
Britta Dobenecker, Anna Webel, Sven Reese, Ellen Kienzle
Perioperative blood glucose concentrations in kittens following overnight fasting and gonadectomy
Danielle N Semick, Stephanie L Shaver, Heather N Cornell, Nancy C Bradley, Rachael E Kreisler
Comparison of carbohydrate content between grain-containing and grain-free dry cat diets and between reported and calculated carbohydrate values
Lori R Prantil*, Cailin R Heinze, Lisa M Freeman
Owner perceptions of their cat's quality of life when treated with a modified University of Wisconsin-Madison protocol for lymphoma
Laura A Thornton, Nicholas Cave, Janis P Bridges, Anneliese J Stell
Rapid and sensitive insulated isothermal PCR for point-of-need feline leukaemia virus detection
Rebecca P Wilkes*, Eman Anis*, Dawn Dunbar, Pei-Yu A Lee, Yun-Long Tsai, Fu-Chun Lee, Hsiao-Fen G Chang, Hwa-Tang T Wang, Elizabeth M Graham
Predictive value of scintigraphic (semi-)quantitative thyroid parameters on radioiodine therapy outcome in hyperthyroid cats
Veerle Volckaert, Eva Vandermeulen, Luc Duchateau, Sylvie Daminet, Jimmy H Saunders, Kathelijne Peremans
Efficacy of a 3C-like protease inhibitor in treating various forms of acquired feline infectious peritonitis
Niels C Pedersen, Yunjeong Kim, Hongwei Liu, Anushka C Galasiti Kankanamalage, Chrissy Eckstrand, William C Groutas, Michael Bannasch, Juliana M Meadows, Kyeong-Ok Chang


Pilot study: use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in feline renal transplant recipients
Esther H Greenbarg, David A Jimenez, Lucas A Nell, Chad W Schmiedt


Study on declawed cats misquotes AVMA policy
Elizabeth Mackey
Dr. Pedersenの記事に対する返信
Response to Dr Pedersen's article
Alfred M Legendre, DVM, MS