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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 概要

3月号:Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Volume 18 Number 3 March 2016

投稿論文 Original Articles

Pharmacokinetics of minocycline in domestic cats
Beth E Tynan, Mark G Papich, Marie E Kerl, and Leah A Cohn
Follow-up on long-term antiretroviral therapy for cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus
Sheila de Oliveira Medeiros, Celina Monteiro Abreu, Rodrigo Delvecchio, Anisia Praxedes Ribeiro, Zilton Vasconcelos, Rodrigo de Moraes Brindeiro, and Amilcar Tanuri
Chronic neurokinin-1 receptor antagonism fails to ameliorate clinical signs, airway hyper-responsiveness or airway eosinophilia in an experimental model of feline asthma
Megan Grobman, Amber Graham, Hilton Outi, John R Dodam, and Carol R Reinero
Feline intestinal mast cell tumours: clinicopathological characterisation and KIT mutation analysis
Silvia Sabattini, Mery Giantin, Adele Barbanera, Lara Zorro Shahidian, Mauro Dacasto, Vanessa Zancanella, Daniela Prata, Eleonora Trivigno, and Giuliano Bettini
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of high doses of buprenorphine delivered via high-concentration formulations in cats
Polly M Taylor, Carmela H Luangdilok, and John W Sear
High-frequency ultrasound of Peyer’s patches in the small intestine of young cats
Tove Nielsen, Lisa Lindstrom, Jessica Ingman, Margareta Uhlhorn, and Kerstin Hansson
Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of itraconazole oral solution in cats
Chaoping Liang, Qi Shan, Jialian Zhong, Wei Li, Xiufeng Zhang, Jing Wang, Changfu Cao, and Zhenling Zeng
Lack of effects of intramuscular medetomidine on intraocular pressure in clinically normal cats
Abdolali Malmasi and Masoud Selk Ghaffari
Highly pathogenic beta-hemolytic streptococcal infections in cats from an institutionalized hoarding facility and a multi-species comparison
Becky L Morrow, Rachel McNatt, Lindsay Joyce, Shelley McBride, Daniel Morgan, Chelsey Tressler, and Cara Mellits
Audiogenic reflex seizures in cats
Mark Lowrie, Claire Bessant, Robert J Harvey, Andrew Sparkes, and Laurent Garosi
Non-invasive evaluation of the haemodynamic effects of high-dose medetomidine in healthy cats for semen collection
Noemi Romagnoli, Daniele Zambelli, Marco Cunto, Carlotta Lambertini, Domenico Ventrella, and Marco Baron Toaldo
猫におけるコクシエラ・バーネッティ(Coxiella burnettii)と繁殖異常の関連性についての評価
Evaluation of associations among Coxiella burnetii and reproductive abnormalities in cats
Madeline A Fujishiro, Andrea V Scorza, Jody L Gookin, and Michael R Lappin
猫の伝染性腹膜炎の臨床症状ならびに臨床検査上の特徴 ‐ 確定診断した231例についての後ろ向き研究(2000年から2010年)
Clinical and laboratory features of cats with feline infectious peritonitis ‐ a retrospective study of 231 confirmed cases (2000‐2010)
Friederike Riemer, Kirsten A Kuehner, Susanne Ritz, Carola Sauter-Louis, and Katrin Hartmann

症例報告 Case Report

Emphysematous pyelonephritis in a domestic shorthair cat
Emily N Gould, Todd A Cohen, Sameer R Trivedi, and James Y Kim

編集者への手紙 SPECIAL aRticles

Mark G Papich, Stacy Brown, and Loren Kirk