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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 概要

12月号:Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Volume 20 December 2018


Consider the eye in preventive healthcare - ocular findings, intraocular pressure and Schirmer tear test in ageing cats
Ellen Sandhas, Roswitha Merle, J Corinna Eule
Multivariable analysis of the association between electrolyte disturbances and mortality in cats
Robert Goggs, Sage De Rosa, Daniel J Fletcher
Retrospective study of the presentation, diagnosis and management of 16 cats with otitis media not due to nasopharyngeal polyp
Nicola Swales, Aiden Foster, Natalie Barnard
Antibody response to feline panleukopenia virus vaccination in healthy adult cats
Michele Bergmann, Stephanie Schwertler, Sven Reese, Stephanie Speck, Uwe Truyen, Katrin Hartmann
下部尿路疾患がある猫に推奨されている3つのハーブを健康な猫に投与した場合の評価: パイロット研究
Evaluation of three herbal compounds used for the management of lower urinary tract disease in healthy cats: a pilot study
Melissa Daniels, Joseph W Bartges, Donna M Raditic, Steve Marsden, Sherry K Cox, Amanda J Callens
Evaluation of long-term outcome and prognostic factors of feline squamous cell carcinomas treated with photodynamic therapy using liposomal phosphorylated meta-tetra(hydroxylphenyl)chlorine
Irene Flickinger, Eva Gasymova, Simona Dietiker-Moretti, Alexander Tichy, Carla Rohrer Bley
Hereditary cataracts in Russian Blue cats
Karin Nygren, Sari Jalomaki, Lena Karlstam, Kristina Narfstrom
Strong associations of nine-point body condition scoring with survival and lifespan in cats
Kendy T Teng, Paul D McGreevy, Jenny-Ann LML Toribio, David Raubenheimer, Kim Kendall, Navneet K Dhand
Effectiveness of a bipolar vessel sealant device for ovariohysterectomy in cats with pyometra
Jean-Francois Boursier, Jean Bassanino, Dimitri Leperlier
ベクロニウム 0.3 mg/kgの静脈内投与が気管内挿管の条件を改善する
Intravenous rocuronium 0.3 mg/kg improves the conditions for tracheal intubation in cats: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial
Daniel M Sakai, Kailee Anne Zornow, Luis Campoy, Christina Cable, Leslie D Appel, Holly J Putnam, Manuel Martin-Flores
軽度、中等度、重度の甲状腺機能亢進症の猫における臨床病理学的特徴と併発疾患: 放射性ヨード治療の目的で紹介されてきた症例の集団に関して
Clinicopathological features and comorbidities of cats with mild, moderate or severe hyperthyroidism: a radioiodine referral population
Natalie Watson, Jane K Murray, Sonja Fonfara, Angie Hibbert
猫の拘束型心筋症の生存率と予後因子: 90症例の検討
Survival and prognostic factors in cats with restrictive cardiomyopathy: a review of 90 cases
Chiara Locatelli, Danitza Pradelli, Giulia Campo, Ilaria Spalla, Alice Savarese, Paola G Brambilla, Claudio Bussadori
Repeated measurements of renal function in evaluating its decline in cats
Natalie C Finch, Harriet M Syme, Jonathan Elliott
猫の頸椎(C2-T1)にインプラントを埋め込む際の最適で安全な経路: 16頭の飼育短毛猫におけるCT所見
Optimal safe implantation corridors in feline cervical vertebrae (C2-T1): CT study in 16 domestic shorthair cats
Irene Espadas, Thomas W Maddox, Felipe de Vicente
152頭の猫における骨髄の細胞学的検査についての回顧的研究: 予備分類とその範囲
Retrospective study of 152 feline cytological bone marrow examinations: preliminary classification and ranges
Vanessa Turinelli, Alessandra Gavazza


Comparison of the Schirmer tear test I values after placement in ventral and dorsal conjunctival fornices in healthy cats
Ghazal Aftab, Seyed Mehdi Rajaei, Houman Faghihi
Drip infusion cholangiography with CT in cats
Toshiyuki Tanaka, Hideo Akiyoshi, Keiichiro Mie, Hitoshi Shimazaki, Fumihito Ohashi
酵素免疫測定法(EIA)による治療前のHistoplasma capsulatum濃度は治療結果と相関しないが、ヒストプラズマ症の猫では腎機能に影響される可能性がある
Pretreatment Histoplasma capsulatum urine enzymatic immunoassay concentrations do not correlate with outcome but may be influenced by renal function in cats with histoplasmosis
Jennifer E McGill, Andrew S Hanzlicek, Kate S Kukanich, Gary D Norsworthy, Audrey K Cook


猫の開口顎固定(閉口障害): 論文のレビューと3症例のCT検査
Open-mouth jaw locking in cats: a literature review and use of CT in three cases
Anna E Nutt, Thomas Anderson, Margherita Gracis, Ivan Doran, Chris Warren-Smith, Sorrel J Langley-Hobbs
猫の原発性多血症: 18頭の猫についての多施設症例シリーズ
Feline primary erythrocytosis: a multicentre case series of 18 cats
Hannah Darcy, Katherine Simpson, Isuru Gajanayake, Mayank Seth, Yvonne McGrotty, Balazs Szladovits, Barbara Glanemann